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Welcome to Santé Finance

Accountancy & Advisory Services

Our Mission

To provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the superior personalized accounting, auditing, planning and business advisory services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner.

Our Objective

We want to deliver highly qualified accountancy services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in a way that supports our clients in an effective and efficient manner.

'Santé' in fact means ‘health’: Being healthy is not only important in our personal life, but also serves as an important objective for organizations. It’s our challenge to assist organizations to become - or stay - healthy..! Or in other words:

‘‘improving your business’ health!’’

Our Services


audit and review of financial statements and related services

Business support

administration and compilations of financial statements

Management consulting

assist with business plans, evaluate current operations, identify new opportunities etc.

About us

Santé Finance B.V. was established as an audit firm on March 5th, 2015 to support and advise organizations with financial services. In addition to our regular accountancy services such as audit, we advise our clients with respect of their quality of management control, management information and performance measurement.

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